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RE: Centerstone ResidencyMichael Moran7/1/2020 3:56:59 PM
Re: Escheated lots updateJonathan Lewis6/28/2020 6:51:54 PM
Re: Escheated lots updateCharles D. Hines6/28/2020 7:38:36 AM
Escheated lots updateJonathan Lewis6/27/2020 8:18:39 AM
Re:Jonathan Lewis6/23/2020 9:46:13 AM
RE:Jonathan Lewis6/23/2020 9:28:31 AM
 Charles D. Hines6/22/2020 8:34:25 PM
 Charles D. Hines6/22/2020 10:49:13 AM
Re: General Obligation Bonds (Legacy Trail Project)Charles D. Hines6/19/2020 1:47:53 PM
Fwd: SNN Request to Interview - MasksCharles D. Hines6/19/2020 12:11:18 PM
General Obligation Bonds (Legacy Trail Project)Jonathan Lewis6/17/2020 4:37:10 PM
Updated County Actions List June 16Jonathan Lewis6/16/2020 5:15:58 PM
Update County Actions Report June 15Jonathan Lewis6/15/2020 5:43:45 PM
Update County Actions ListJonathan Lewis6/12/2020 4:49:54 PM
CARES Act FundingJonathan Lewis6/11/2020 1:52:43 PM
Updated County Actions June 10Jonathan Lewis6/10/2020 5:24:34 PM
Sarasota County Request to Revise Plan regarding legal Short Term RentalsJonathan Lewis6/10/2020 5:20:33 PM
Updated County Actions June 9Jonathan Lewis6/9/2020 5:08:36 PM
Updated County Action Items June 8Jonathan Lewis6/8/2020 5:19:29 PM
County Actions COVID-19 June 5Jonathan Lewis6/5/2020 3:40:57 PM
RE: PH Appt 1:1 with Joe McKenna Re: Update on Sarasota OrchestraAlan Maio6/5/2020 7:53:50 AM
under administrators reportJonathan Lewis6/3/2020 9:17:55 AM
Fwd: June 3rd BCC Hearing Updated Draft Ordinance Conservation Subdivision.docxJonathan Lewis6/2/2020 9:13:20 PM
County Action Report June 2Jonathan Lewis6/2/2020 7:00:32 PM
COVID Actions List June 1Jonathan Lewis6/1/2020 5:18:41 PM
june 3 Additional correspondence Item #39 Desoto AcresJonathan Lewis6/1/2020 10:28:35 AM
Updated Extended Declaration and Action Report May 29Jonathan Lewis5/29/2020 4:56:54 PM
Update County Actions May 27Jonathan Lewis5/27/2020 6:58:54 PM
Re: Name of my CommissionerMichael Moran5/27/2020 6:57:05 PM
RE: Update COVID Action List May 22Jonathan Lewis5/22/2020 5:03:48 PM
Update COVID Action List May 22Jonathan Lewis5/22/2020 4:57:43 PM
FW: DBPR: Approval of Sarasota County Request and Safety Plan re: Vacation Rental OperationsJonathan Lewis5/21/2020 3:14:37 PM
Re: Sarasota County Plan for Short Term RentalsMichael Moran5/20/2020 5:07:52 PM
Re: Draft Plan Short-termCharles D. Hines5/19/2020 6:15:56 PM
Update COVID Action May 19Jonathan Lewis5/19/2020 5:17:59 PM
Agenda item: 30: Additional Correspondence for CPA 2019-BJonathan Lewis5/19/2020 4:46:57 PM
Short-term rental PlanJonathan Lewis5/19/2020 3:11:25 PM
Re: Lido BeachCharles D. Hines5/19/2020 11:54:34 AM
Re: Finalized Letters for HermitageCharles D. Hines5/19/2020 11:52:23 AM
RE: Lido BeachJonathan Lewis5/19/2020 11:19:58 AM
FW: Lido BeachJonathan Lewis5/19/2020 8:48:54 AM
Updated Action list Report May 18Jonathan Lewis5/18/2020 5:02:26 PM
FW: Sarasota County Plan to reopen Short Term RentalsJonathan Lewis5/18/2020 4:47:59 PM
Draft Plan Short-termJonathan Lewis5/18/2020 2:03:19 PM
transient accommodations/short term rental planJonathan Lewis5/18/2020 12:49:43 PM
HOTCharles D. Hines5/18/2020 12:02:45 PM
Updated County Actions May 15Jonathan Lewis5/15/2020 5:08:45 PM
Update COVID Action Items May 14Jonathan Lewis5/14/2020 5:27:14 PM
Update COVID Action ReportJonathan Lewis5/13/2020 5:13:58 PM
May Budget Workshop MaterialsJonathan Lewis5/13/2020 1:53:34 PM

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