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Re: Gulf Coast Maritime MuseumJonathan Lewis11/24/2020 5:17:17 PM
RE: Meeting RequestAlan Maio11/22/2020 7:18:17 PM
RE: Sarasota County Chair's CupMichael Moran11/20/2020 12:45:02 PM
Sarasota County Chair's CupJonathan Lewis11/20/2020 12:16:47 PM
Fw: No drop off in EnglewoodRon Cutsinger11/19/2020 7:54:59 AM
CARES Act reimbursementJonathan Lewis11/18/2020 2:29:05 PM
October HOTJonathan Lewis11/17/2020 11:49:59 AM
Re: Update EtaCharles D. Hines11/11/2020 7:55:39 PM
Update EtaJonathan Lewis11/11/2020 7:21:48 PM
Submittal to stateJonathan Lewis11/11/2020 11:48:36 AM
EtaJonathan Lewis11/11/2020 7:39:15 AM
Re: Gulf Coast Maritime Museum Inc. request for a long term land lease of 2 acres from Sarasota CountyJonathan Lewis11/8/2020 11:47:04 AM
Re: Can you please help?Michael Moran11/7/2020 9:34:46 AM
Re: Sarasota Fire = Great WorkMichael Moran11/7/2020 8:41:59 AM
Sarasota Fire = Great WorkChristian Ziegler11/6/2020 9:12:33 PM
Re: Eta Tropical DepressionCharles D. Hines11/5/2020 4:46:01 PM
Eta Tropical DepressionJonathan Lewis11/5/2020 2:09:19 PM
RE: CARES - Business - follow-upJonathan Lewis11/4/2020 7:50:06 AM
CARES - Business - follow-upJonathan Lewis11/2/2020 5:27:29 PM
CARES - BusinessJonathan Lewis10/30/2020 4:10:16 PM
RE: Can you please help?Jonathan Lewis10/30/2020 9:17:36 AM
Re: Update - South Venice Community Clean UpCharles D. Hines10/28/2020 3:27:07 PM
FW: Update - South Venice Community Clean UpJonathan Lewis10/26/2020 5:32:14 PM
Re: Email ResponsesMichael Moran10/26/2020 10:01:21 AM
FW: Email ResponsesJonathan Lewis10/22/2020 11:38:22 AM
Phillippe creekCharles D. Hines10/21/2020 9:51:22 AM
Re: UPDATE: CAREs Act Program Funding UpdateCharles D. Hines10/20/2020 9:04:03 PM
Re: UPDATE: CAREs Act Program Funding UpdateJonathan Lewis10/20/2020 7:05:36 PM
RE: CARES nonprofitNancy C. Detert10/20/2020 10:44:35 AM
Re: CARES nonprofitCharles D. Hines10/20/2020 7:05:40 AM
CARES nonprofitJonathan Lewis10/19/2020 2:46:37 PM
RE: PH: Mike Mylett Re: PUBLIC UTILITIES - Bahia Vista Parallel Force Main Project = Monday, October 19, 2020Alan Maio10/17/2020 10:15:20 AM
Update on 10/20/20 Board Agenda Item: No. 28 RZ 19-22Jonathan Lewis10/16/2020 4:38:03 PM
Re: FDEM PRESENTATION 10/13/2020Charles D. Hines10/16/2020 7:55:08 AM
RE: FDEM PRESENTATION 10/13/2020Jonathan Lewis10/15/2020 3:09:06 PM
POD program expansion.Charles D. Hines10/14/2020 10:37:53 AM
FW: FDEM PRESENTATION 10/13/2020Jonathan Lewis10/14/2020 10:02:55 AM
Re: teamster CBACharles D. Hines10/11/2020 9:41:27 AM
teamster CBAJonathan Lewis10/10/2020 11:15:41 AM
CARES Individual Assistance ModificationsJonathan Lewis10/9/2020 5:35:13 PM
FW: Bond Series 2020Alan Maio10/8/2020 11:27:13 AM
FW: October 20 Conference RoomAlan Maio10/8/2020 11:26:52 AM
Re: InternetJonathan Lewis10/7/2020 11:53:37 AM
RE: Legacy TrailJonathan Lewis10/7/2020 9:23:59 AM
FW: Legacy TrailCharles D. Hines10/7/2020 9:15:13 AM
2020 National recognition for procurementJonathan Lewis10/7/2020 9:11:58 AM
InternetJonathan Lewis10/6/2020 6:38:38 PM
October 3 - Osprey Community Clean Up - UpdateJonathan Lewis10/6/2020 9:46:27 AM
Update - Weekly Development Activity and TrendsJonathan Lewis10/5/2020 10:30:36 AM
Fwd: [EXTERNAL] Re: [EXTERNAL] Clarification request from Sarasota County on CARESJonathan Lewis10/3/2020 1:49:38 PM

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